‘Wolsztyn puffers may return’
(Click on pic for Radio Merkury POLISH webpage)

Poznan local radio station Radio Merkury has devoted considerable airtime to investigating the suspension of steam services from Wolsztyn. For members of BTWT’s Polish class, the recorded interviews are available on-line. (Just click on the picture above and then click on the individual links.)

Radio Merkury teases out its story till the bottom of the page. The final paragraph states –

There is, however, a spark of hope for all those who care about the future of Wolsztyn, Poznan and Wielkopolska province. Jerzy Kriger, the Director of Transport of the provincial government, told Radio Merkury that Marek Wozniak, the Chief Executive of Wielkopolska province has ordered him to hold an urgent meeting with PKP officials with a view to finding whether an solution could be reached which would allow steam locomotives to return to the Wolsztyn – Poznan route.

The whole sorry saga goes to show that the Wolsztyn MPD and its scheduled steam trains is too important a matter to be left to the whim of local PKP, or local authority, officials. The steam depot at Wolsztyn is a national resource worthy of world heritage status. We believe that it should be administered by a national charitable trust independent of PKP or Wielkopolska province, and have binding long-term agreements with all stakeholders such that embarrassing incidents of this sort do not occur again.

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