Chabowka Steam Gala – 6-7 September?


photo outovfocus blog (click on pic to link to blog)

Don’t book your Eurostar tickets yet, though you could start gently feeding the wife/girlfriend that maybe she’d like to take a Mediterranean break with her friends in early September. We’ve yet to hear officially, but we have received a strong tip that Parowozjazda, the Chabowka Steam Gala, will take place this year on the first weekend in September.


4 Responses to “Chabowka Steam Gala – 6-7 September?”

  1. outovfocus Says:

    Just for the record: the photo was taken on 29 July 2007 – a day after an event called “parowozjada”.

  2. dyspozytor Says:

    Mateusz your photography is wonderful. Have you photographed other Polish railway locations? If so perhaps we can work together? I would love to use more of beautiful photographs. Drop me a line at .

  3. outovfocus Says:

    No. I’m a photo-freak rather than railway-freak and I’m afraid that Chabowka is the only place where I took photos of steam engines. I should have, however, some more photos from there, but have to locate them first :) I’ll post them on and will drop you a hint once they are there.

  4. outovfocus Says:

    check back at for more pictures from Chabowka. enjoy!

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