Krosniewice, last train photos




Just received, I thought you should see them ASAP ‘as is’. I’ll might add captions and a proper commentary later today. Pictures by Tilo Rosner, who travelled all the way from Dresden to catch the last train.

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2 Responses to “Krosniewice, last train photos”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    Do you have any idea about what is happening to the sugar works at Brzesc Kujawski? Is it closing? It was the main (only significant?) freight customer for the Krosniewice narrow gauge line. If the cukrownia is going to close it will be the end of any chance of reviving freight traffic on the railway. The best that could be hoped for is a tourist type operation and there will be no need for all the rollwagen or the facilities to maintain them.

  2. dyspozytor Says:

    Geoff, please see my post: “Double blow for Krosniewice line“.

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