Oxenholme then and now


(Clicking on the above image links to the original on Wikipedia and the details of licensing.)

I was going to return to Poland today, but I’ve just come across two picture of Oxenholme Station which I thought UK readers and ex pats might find of interest. Oxenholme is the junction where the Windermere branch leaves the West Coast main line.

The first picture is modern photograph by Rob500. The second is a a painting by Peter Owen Jones depicting the station at the peak of the LMS in the 1930s. What is amazing is how little has changed. Yes, the station canopy and overall roof over the bay platform are now clad in ugly plastic covered steel sheet and the overhead catenary is prominent in the modern picture. But the station has survived intact, without being cut down to a bus shelter and the Windermere branch trains still run from their own platform. It shows how more of the UK’s railways could have loked and survived if HM government had not been seduced by the road lobby.

Those who read the Swallows and Amazons books as children may already know that Oxenholme is the model for Arthur Ransome’s station, Strickland Junction in the sixth book in the S&A series – Pigeon Post.

Peter Owen Jones prints

(Clicking on this picture leads to an on-line gallery showing-casing the work of Peter Owen Jones, including paintings of trams and vintage railway scenes.)

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