Last Krzeszowice Engines Saved!


on their way to Pyskowice

On Sunday March 9 the final locomotives remaining at Krzeszowice, Ty45-158, Ty42-85, Ty51-17, were towed by PTK Holding’s TEM2-185 from the derelict ‘skansen’ at Kreszowice to the railway centre at Pyskowice. Ty45-158 had been based at the Pyskowice locomotive depot during its service life.

The Pyskowice Museum is administered by the Society for Preserving Railway Heritage and Organising a Railway Centre in Pyslowice, Towarzystwo Ochrony Zabytków Kolejnictwa i Organizacji Skansenów w Pyskowicach. The Society are fighting to save the Pyskowice Roundhouse from demolition and hope to acquire the freehold of the former depot buildings. The TOZKOSP website contains lots of pictures, but like many similar Polish sites, no English text.

See also: Kreszowice Finale.

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