The Steam Age Foundation


The Steam Age Foundation

Having a celebration – birthday, wedding or a divorce? Why not do something different this year? Hire a steam train in Poland.

Poland is much more than cheap booze, beautiful women and drunken men. It’s a country with a glorious history. The 16th C Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth stretched from the Baltic almost to the Black Sea. The Polish alchemist Sendivogius discovered oxygen in the 17th C. Polish chefs have invented 1001 ways of serving cabbages and, most important of all, in Poland in 2008 you can ride in the cab of a steam engine hauling an ordinary service train!

So get out the railway maps and plan to start your celebration at St Pancras and then travel by Eurostar, Thalys, and ICE (or maybe even the LGV Est) to Berlin then by PKP EuroCity to Poznan and then by your own private steam train to wherever you fancy.

Details from the Fundacja Era Parowozow.

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